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Scoring Goals: Momentum Aids for Busy Creatives

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Pre-K - 6th Grade Topics:

  • What is inspiration?
  • How to create your own book
  • Why art is important / art jobs
  • What does an author do?
  • Creative exploration
  • Writing (and reading) for fun

Middle Grade / High School Topics:

  • Living and working as  a professional artist
  • Creative professional preparation (Classes I wish I took in college...)
  • The significance of Art History classes in future occupations
  • The value of pushing your creative limits
  • How to get a "real job" while still being an artist
  • Getting past self-criticism

College Topics:

  • Staying creative under deadline pressure
  • Creative collaboration - working in team creative situations.
  • Creative employment - resumes, style and being professional without selling out
  • How to combine creative  disciplines to be a new (and in demand) animal
  • Motivation and inspiration tips for entry level employment opportunities

Corporate Topics:

  • Finding your creative side
  • Rekindling a passion for your job
  • Bringing fun to work
  • Personality for Engineers, 101

For Artist and Writers Groups:

  • Indie (Self) Publishing
  • Marketing for non-marketers
  • Social Media strategies for the creative professional
  • Createspace / Amazon selling

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