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SpellBound MED and AR uses augmented reality technology to create amazing patient experiences for children, improving satisfaction for families, and reducing procedural costs for hospitals.

SpellBound MED offers a suite of tools designed specifically for therapists to use with children in the hospital setting on the mobile devices they already carry.

We create distraction tools, such as 3D experiences for books, that help kids get through painful or scary procedures. When a child is engaged with SpellBound, they are not focused on the unpleasantness of the situation and hospital staff can get their job done quickly, and right the first time.

We create entertainment tools, such as turning a child's hospital room into a 3D scene from a book, providing moments of joy and escape for patients and their families. We create calming moments, such as seeing a hallway turned into an underwater adventure on the way to the operating room. When a child is not anxious or stressed they are more compliant and mentally ready for their treatment or procedure.

SpellBound is reimagining the patient experience, providing moments of joy and escape as well as therapeutic benefit for pediatric patients. 

Spellbound is a product of ALTality, a company dedicated to putting augmented reality technology to meaningful use. The company was founded in January 2015, and is a startup based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan. The product, previously known as “MagicBook,” won Detroit Startup Weekend 2014, one of the 5 prizes in Global Startup Battle 2014, and attracted a lot of attention at the 2014 Consumer's Electronic show in Las Vegas. They won 2 pitch competitions in 2015: Best Shot Pitch Competition and D-Newtech Holiday Pitch competition 

Currently used in: C.S. Mott at the University of Michigan for Child Life, OT, and PT.

​Currently being tested in: Cleveland Clinic & DeVos Children's Hospital​

"Julianne DiBlasi Black has given youngsters a lovely bedtime read in Sweet Sleep. The story is laid out as a repeating refrain with a gentle rhythm that will help children release the day for the sleep of evening.  

The illustrations are beautifully done with a lushness that carries through from beginning to end. Each page spread repeats the message of sweet sleep and depicts it in a rich painting that is realistic while leaving plenty of room for imagination to play." - Judge, 24th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards

Owners of the children’s book featuring Sleep Sweet can now download an app for mobile devices that recognizes the art on the pages and triggers a 3D response where the characters and scenery come very much alive.

Most accurately described appearing as a moving digital pop-up book, the experience is complete with narration and music. 
No new version of the book is needed, all copies new and previously released will work - including the Sleep Sweet eBook. 

This multi-sensory experience is making huge leaps in child therapy, and is being released in waves to children’s hospitals across the country. 
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Sleep Sweet in 3D!

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Sleep Sweet on Amazon
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Mott's Children's Hospital

" of our CCLSs used SpellBound and Sleep Sweet to totally calm a child who was freaking out last week."

Sleep Sweet to be featured at BEA 2017 in NYC

Augmented Reality Extras On EVERY Page!

See the multi-award winning book in a whole new light through any mobile device loaded with the Spellbound AR Ap ($0.99).

Hear the book read aloud!

Original lullaby music!

Soothing animal and nature noises!

Interactive animation for every illustration!

ISBN-10: 151155522X

ISBN-13: 978-1511555227

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Sleep Sweet on Amazon

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Rich in imagination, imagery and color, Award-Winning Sleep Sweet makes a wonderfully gentle and calming addition to any quiet time or bedtime routine.

Story Monsters Approved! 

"The beautiful images, the soft dreamy color palate, and the tenderly whispered text flows like a gentle lullaby that will carry your little ones into sweet sleep.

Tucking in the world’s mighty creatures, under the covers of starry skies, quilts of fluttering leaves and blankets of soft grass all fall to dreamy visions of happy things.

This story, along with others, works with SpellBound, a free mobile app that uses augmented reality to turn paper books into virtual pop-up books. See the pages come alive in 3D, along with sound and animation.

Reading becomes an experience!"

Reviewer: Darleen Wohlfeil

Story Monsters Ink Magazine

Used in Children's Hospitals Nationwide for Therapy and Relaxation! 

Story Monsters Ink Approved!

Augmented Reality Title

Purple Dragonfly Award Winner

Gittle Publishing Top Ten Indie Books of 2016  




2017 line up: Stephen & Owen King, Scott Kelly, Kenya Barris & Whitney Cummings