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The Author of Wicked Epic Real • BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETING COACH • Children's literacy Advocate

As I settle in to my latest home port, I can't help but be impressed with the festivals, art, food and natural beauty that is Dunedin Florida. Even with all my other projects and curiosities, I can't help creating local-centric artwork.

I'm now working on a second coloring book showcasing the amazingly diverse (and disproportionately ample) watering holes within city limits called Drinking In Dunedin that will be available this fall. 

Also check out my crazy eclectic mixed media work around town - follow my Facebook Page for details on shows and book release dates!

the Dunedin Bar & Brewery

Coloring Book! 

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Julianne Black Dunedin Fl Paintings

My Dunedin Coloring Book, Sketches & Impressions of Dunedin Florida
by Julianne DiBlasi Black
32 pages | 8" x 10" | ISBN: 978-1545088937 

Buy on Amazon.com

Dunedin Fine Art Center Gift Shop

Are you in love with Dunedin, Florida? The beaches, shopping, festivals and events that make Dunedin a great place to explore are now in their first ever coloring book!  

Coloring Cards - Blank Inside

Sold individually only at DFAC