Sweet Child Born in Texas 
by Whitney Strauss (Author), Susan Giles (Author), Dr. Kathleen Cooter (Author), Holly Weinstein (Illustrator)

Sweet Child Born in Texas is an adorable primer to Texas Pride. Set to a cheerful rolling poem, the book explores some of the state’s heritage, pastimes and contributions to life in the USA. 

The state flower is the bluebonnet,
And the pecan is the state tree.
The plant is prickly pear cactus-
So many pretty things to see!

With humor that will appeal to parents and light-hearted graphics that will engage young audiences, each page is an experience. I especially enjoyed the interactive playfulness of the chili diagram pointing out the ingredients across the page.

While some of the subject matter might go over the heads of younger children, the friendly illustrations and adorable animals soften the edges, widening the audience age. The book’s exploration of Texan culture alongside the endearing armadillo guide was exceptionally well thought out as the armadillo creates a constant through the fast paced topic changes and successfully grounds the storyline.

The authors and illustrator of Sweet Child Born In Texas have created a brilliant keepsake and/or beautiful Texas Baby shower gift that holds treasures for any personalty.

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Priscilla Gorilla 
by Barbara Bottner (Author), Michael Emberley (Illustrator) Publisher: Atheneum/Caitlyn Dlouhy Books

Fantastic fun! Priscilla Gorilla is one of those children’s books that has a truly timeless feel. While brand new to 2017, it could have easily been your favorite as a child.

Six year old Priscilla is obsessed with gorillas. She talks about them, draws pictures of them and dresses like them - which is LOTS of fun… unless you end up in the Thinking Corner. And in Mr. Todd’s class, the Thinking Corner was getting crowded. 

As Priscilla begins to understand the tricky balance between ‘getting your way’ and ‘working together’, readers are treated with the opportunity to look in on her progress through trial and error in this delicious tale of compromise.

Illustrator Michael Emberley’s expressive line quality and effortless facial expressions allow the story to tell itself through a fabulously kid-friendly visual language that gives plenty of fun eye-ball-exploration and attention-keeping details from page to page.

Barbara Bottner’s storyline, rhythm and insight into a child’s perspective is positively delightful. Priscilla Gorilla is a true page turner, even for the squirmiest gorillas.

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