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As an author and artist myself, It only makes sense that I would make some of my own books!

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BookTurnip is a project I started because I am passionate about children's literacy. Reviewing new releases and the amazing minds behind them is a dream come true, not only keeping my own creativity sparking, but  also providing a mom's perspective on how they can be used to communicate with our children. While I am passionate about reading, I'm simply rabid about using books to begin dialogs - giving kids and adults a wonderful jumping off point for further discussions.

INTERVIEW: JOURNAL SPARKS AUTHOR EMILY K. NEUBURGER It’s when I get to talk to other creatives that my own creativity gets really bubbling. Had the amazing opportunity to interview Emily K Neuburger, the author of Journal Sparks, and she is amazing! read more

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I got a chance to catch up with superstar Terry Pierce about her new release My Busy Green Garden!  read more

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 INTERVIEW WITH STACK THE CATS AUTHOR SUSIE GHAHREMANI! Q. How many cats have you actually successfully stacked? read more

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