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The Author of Wicked Epic Real • BRANDING, DESIGN & MARKETING COACH • Children's literacy Advocate
Julianne DiBlasi Black
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2017 Book of the Year, Independent Author Network, Finalist, Sleep Sweet

2017 Jack London Award, California Writers Club

2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards - Honorable Mention in the Picture Books Age 5 & Younger, Sleep Sweet
2016 Peggy Connelly Scholarship  for aspiring writers
2015 Gittle Publishing List Top Indie Children's Book List - Sleep Sweet


2017 - Certification in Business Coaching

2017 - Certification in Life Coaching

2017 - Certification in Time Management Coaching

2007 - Bachelor of Science, Computer Animation, Westwood College, Denver 
2006 - Associates Degree, Multimedia & Web Design, Westwood College, Denver
1999 - Bachelor of Arts, Fine Art, Flagler College, St Augustine, FL


2018 March Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Book Reviews and Q & A with Linda Ashman

2018 February Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Book Reviews and Q & A with Deborah Diesen

2018 January Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Q & A with Elly Mackay 

2017 Graphic Novel, Times of Trouble: The Lost Hour & Saving Daylight

2017 December Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Q & A with Stacy McAnulty

2017 Coloring Book, Artist & Layout, MMCC LA , Jolly Pops...

2017 November Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Featured Article: Kid Spin

2017 November Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Q & A with Terry Pierce

2017 October Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Q & A with Rebecca Green

2017 September Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Q & A with Emily K. Neuburger

​2017 September Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Book Reviews

2017 Illustrations Published: San Diego ComicCon International, 2017 Souvenir BookBatgirl - 50th Anniversary of Batgirl & Hulk - 100th Birthday Celebration of Jack Kirby , Digital Paintings

2017 August Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Q & A with Lesléa Newman

2017 August Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Book Reviews

2017 July Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Book Reviews

2017 June Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Book Reviews
2017 Coloring Book, Artist & Author, My Dunedin Coloring Book
2017 Color Speak!: Using Synesthesia to Improve Your Life, Illustrator, Cover      Artist, Layout
2017 March Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Featured Article, Raising A Mighty Girl
2017 Squirrels, Socks & Stolen Crowns, Co-Author and illustrator, Cover Artist, Layout
2017 Jan Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Lesson Plan: Coloring Books
2016 Coloring Book, Artist & Author, My Thank You Coloring Book
2016 Coloring Book, Artist & Author, My Desert Coloring Book
2016 October Issue, Women In Art 278 Magazine, two page illustration spread 
2016 October Issue, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, Featured Article, Scoring Goals: Momentum Aids for Busy Creatives
2016 Visitors Guide to Inyo County , This is My Inyo, story published
2016 Illustration Published: San Diego ComicCon International, 2016 Souvenir Book, 75th Anniversary of Wonder Woman, Portrait of Linda Carter, Digital Painting
2016 Illustration Published: San Diego ComicCon International, 2016 Souvenir Book, 50 Years of Star Trek, Portrait of Gorn, Digital Painting

2016, Picture Book, Author & Illustrator, Spiders Big Idea  

2016, Poetry Picture Book, Author & Illustrator, Grandkids’ Brigade Parade 

2015 Illustration Published: San Diego ComicCon International, 2015 Souvenir Book, 50th anniversary of Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Portrait of Nick Fury, Digital Painting

2015, Picture Book, Author & Illustrator, Sleep Sweet 

2014, Picture Book, Author & Illustrator, The Mermaid Box, The Curious Collection Vol 1 

2014, Picture Book, Author & Illustrator, Bringing Flowers to the Moon 
2012, Picture Book, Illustrator, What's for Dinner?: A Delightfully Disgusting Menu 
2012, Poetry Picture Book, Author & Illustrator, Hide or Flee from A to Z  
2011, Textbook / How-To, Author & Layout, Social Media: An Idea & Etiquette Field Guide for Small Businesses


2017+ PAVA - Professional Association of Professional Artists

2017+ Authors & Experts
2016+ Independent Authors Network
2016+ Society of Children’s Book Authors and Illustrators 
2014+California Writer’s Club, Vice President East Sierra Branch 

Skype for Classrooms, Student & Mentorship Meetings!

Pre-K - 6th Grade Topics:

  • What is inspiration?
  • How to create your own book
  • Why is art important? / art jobs
  • What does an author do?
  • Creative exploration
  • Writing (and reading) for fun

Middle Grade / High School Topics:

  • Living and working as  a professional artist
  • Creative professional preparation (Classes I wish I took in college...)
  • The significance of Art History classes in future occupations
  • The value of pushing your creative limits
  • How to get a "real job" while still being an artist
  • Getting past SELF CRITICISM

College Topics:

  • Staying creative under deadline pressure
  • Creative employment - resumes, style and being professional without selling out
  • Combining creative  disciplines to be a new (and in demand) animal
  • Motivation and inspiration tips for entry level employment opportunities

Corporate Topics:

  • Finding your creative side
  • Rekindling a passion for your job
  • Bringing fun to work
  • Personality for Engineers, 101

For Artist and Writers Groups:

  • Indie (Self) Publishing
  • Marketing for non-marketers
  • Social Media strategies for the creative professional
  • Createspace / Amazon selling

About Julianne Black

B.A. Fine Arts, B.S. Computer Animation, A.A. Multimedia Design.

Certified Life Coach, Business Coach and Time Management Coach. 

The recipient of multiple awards for writing and artwork, most recently the 2017 Jack London Award from the California Writers Club, her work as an internationally recognized graphic designer and digital/print promotion specialist has earned her to opportunity to work with clients including:  Sears, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, and Quebec’s Place Des Arts, and can be viewed worldwide.

She is also a children's literacy fanatic and created and developed BookTurnip.com, a blog dedicated to  promoting new releases and special author interviews. The platform helps celebrate and promote creativity and originality in the children's book market.

Julianne Black has authored and illustrated over a dozen children’s books, including the Augmented Reality enhanced Sleep Sweet, exhibited at BookExpo 2017 in New York City, New York, in the United States and being used nationwide in children’s hospitals for relaxation and distraction therapy.

Her art has been published several years in a row in ComicCon International’s Souvenir Book, Art 278, Story Monsters Ink Magazine, and multiple travel and trade publications. Her blog, along with updates and new news is:   www.JulianneBlack.blog​

She can be found simultaneously in Dunedin Florida and San Pedro California.


2018 - July-August, Solo Show, Palm Harbor Library, John Brock Art Alcove

2017 - Aug 1 -31, Masterpiece Exhibit, Stirling Art Studios, Dunedin, Florida

2017 - May 19th, Me and My Shadow, Dunedin Fine Arts Center , Dunedin, Florida
2017 - May 12th +, 7th Annual Art to the Rescue Benefit for Dunedin Doggie Rescue, Stirling Art Studios Dunedin, Florida
2016 - November 7th through December 31st, Solo Show, Fine Art, Maturango Museum, Ridgecrest, CA